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Beyond Academics

Inter School Competitions
Scout and Guidelines Report 2017-2018

History of the movement:

Boy Scouts:

Scouting was officially founded in British India in 1909, first starting at the Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore.

Girl Guides:

The first Girl Guides Company was founded in Jabalpur in 1911. These companies formed the All India Girl Guides Association in 1916. In the same year the organisation opened for Indian girls.

Scout/Guide Motto:

  • Scouts/Guides - Be Prepared

Scout/Guide Promise:

"On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty ,to God[a] ,to my country,
To help other people and
To obey the Scout/Guide Law."

Scout & Guide Law:

  • A Scout/Guide is trustworthy
  • A Scout/Guide is loyal
  • A Scout/Guide is a friend to all and a brother/sister to every other Scout/Guide.
  • A Scout/Guide is courteous
  • A Scout/Guide is a friend to animals and loves nature.
  • A Scout/Guide is disciplined and helps to protect public property.
  • A Scout/Guide is courageous.
  • A Scout/Guide is thrifty.


Scout and guide wasinaugurated on 24thOctober by Mr.Lakshmanan district organiser.

Promise of Scout & Guides:

Social & Community Service:

Dengue Awarness Programme:

We as scouts and guides decided to conduct a programme on Dengue awareness on August 18 in our institution.

Red Cross

Yoga consists mainly of a series of poses & stretches that gives energy to our body. The beauty of yoga is that, it promotes growth in physical, mental, moral & spiritual aspects. To nurture & blossom the divinity in our minds,meditation and physical fitness yoga play vitalrole. This divine art is practised for our students.Through this our students have been benefittedto develop their concentration power. Extra ordinary intelligence has been instilled in our students which will in turn develop an excellent personality. 'n' number of achievements. Our students have received through the exemplary coaching.


"Spirit First, Technique second" Karate predominantly astriking art is practised for self defense.If emphasizes the psychological element & incorporates attitude such as perseverance, fearlessness virtue & leadership skills. VimalJyothi Convent Mat.Hr.Sec.School provides a platform for the students to get this extra curriculum highly developed. Every Friday karate has been practised inour school for the Students of std I to IX.They are also trained well to perform various kattas. According to their grades and the efficiency of the students, they are taken to inter & intra school competitions, Our students have been excelling in the tournaments for years.


Music is the powerful feeling of the soul. It can do things great. It expresses the flame which cannot be put into words. It gives soul to the universe wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life. Our students have been developing this art through weekly music classes. The school produces future artists who may come out in flying colours in their career. Where there is devotional Music, God is always at hand with his gracious presence. Our Cultural programs remain as platforms for our students. It Provided channels to feel the enchanting power which Invigourates and elevates our soul.

Holistic Development of our Children

The holistic development of a child is mainly taken care in our institution. The children are provided ample opportunities to prove their calibre. Competitions like elocution, debates, visual art, skit, turn coat, etc are being conducted systematically to bring out the hidden talents of the child. Inter school competitions, state level and national level tests like English proficiency test & Deepika's IQ scholarship "best are conducted regularly at the schooland "champions & achievers are made. Wide range of sports events, Karate, Yoga & Music are being focused to bring the best in the individuals. The school has also tied up with reputed organizations which offer expert guidance for budding sport stars of tomorrow.

Continous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

The reputation of any institution lies wholly on its teaching methods and evaluation of the students improvement. Present educational system has become the challenging one to the generation. Today's Competitive world stresses on the learning levels, comprehension skills and cognitive abilities of each child. The students of std I to IX of our school are subjected to a process of assessment when they are in school. CCE consists of two types of tests namely formative and summative tests. The formative tests comprise 40% weight-age of the total score. Then the summative tests are held which comprise 60% weight-age. This helps the students to have a practice in facing the exam. This reduces the pressure on the child. Every aspect of the child is being evaluated through regular assessments, frequently conducted unit tests, analysing their learning capacity, correction of errors etc. Based on the experience skills, innovations public speaking, steadiness & behaviour of the child, they will be evaluated and their records will be maintained by the teacher.

Student Assessment

Assessment is nothing but the teaching methods or tools that educators use to evaluate the academic excellence of the child. The child's development not only stands on the academics but also on its non-academic performances or activities. Class evaluation and observation provide excellent feedback about students satisfaction and teaching style. Instead of giving plenty of written home works, the skill of the child is made effective by giving them chance to solve a difficult problem by following of more practically. This inturn increases the confidence level of the child