Started only with 24 students has grown now to strength of nearly 3000 students and 120 faculty members.


The management committee is the pivot of our organization. The members of the committee with their involvement and dedication perceive the pulse and needs of the organization with the help of the support system exists. The administration has been very clear to each one of the employees irrespective of the hierarchical system and takes moral responsibility to create faith and trust in all levels of the employees.

The management committee possess all the inherited management qualities and the secret of success of smooth functioning of this organization lies with our beloved principal Sr.Ligy Therese whose relentless work and dedication are noteworthy and this is ably supported by the Minster sister and CMC sisters community as well. The whole hearted guidance of the Manager Rev Sr.Soona and our beloved Principal Sr.Ligy Therese who have been leading this organization with great zeal and passion.

  • The principal leads the team of motivated educators.
  • The school prepares the host of interesting and exciting programmes for teaching-learning process.
  • The principal empowers section head, subject head and coordinators to take up the programme forward.
  • The team motivates subordinates and work productively.

Thus the committee was formed with

  • Management committee members (selected)
  • Staff council (PG Assistant is the Secretary)
  • The personnel in the office of Administration

Staff-in-charge for various academic and co-curricular activities including spiritual.