We mould and make self-reliant individuals and inspire them to embrace challenges.


Sports includes all forms of competitive physical activities or games through casual or organised participation. It aims to use, maintain or improve physical ability, and skills, while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.

Games gives us a chance to excel and if we play with good company, we don't even mind if we lose, because we have the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.

Good Players Inspire Themselves, Great Players Inspire others. "Winning is not Everything But Making The Effort to win is".

Vince Lombardi

Following are the facilities we have in our school.

Handball, Volleyball, Throwball

Indoor Game

Chess, Carrom board

Extra curricular Activity:

Apart from these we have 200 mts track for the track and field events. We encourage all such events like hurdles, Discus throw, javelin throw, Relay, Long jump, High Jump etc. We have an excellent children's park, where the students of L.K.G. to std III have merry making and enjoy the pleasure of schooling.